This is coming to you from a room of chiropractors. I was sitting at a board meeting and pondering events of the evening.

During the events of the day two patients came in with very different stories.

Lets back up and start with a basic question. Can you ever be 100%?

Yes, most of you were born that way. You were born with your greatest health and potential.

No, in reality, you slowly decline through out life and a lifetime of trauma, poor nutrition, and toxicity slowly eats away at your health.

So, depending on where you are on the scale of health, makes a difference on how close to 100% you can get.

The good news is that you can get closer to 100% easier than ever.

Tonight, one patient came in super frustrated because he didn't want to be in the office at all and thought his body shouldn't be having this much pain.

He wanted to be fixed yesterday and never have to return. O.K.

Here is the part he was having a hard time with. The adjustment takes the pressure off the nerve and increases the joint function, and that is it. A stuck joint can't heal.

The healing comes from inside the body.
  • Do medications heal? No
  • Does a surgery heal? No
  • Does a cortizone shot heal? No
  • Does the body heal? Yes
This patient was having a hard time with the fact that his body was unable to heal instantly. This occurs because people mistake the effects of a drug, which masks all the symptoms, with true healing.

Now, this other patient has been coming in for years and can tell when her body is out of balance. She has paid her dues and she eats well, exercises, and gets adjusted every two weeks.

If she does start to get some pain, she gets in and gets adjusted as quick as possible. If she starts to feel ill, she cranks up the vitamins. IF she can't fit in her jeans, she hits the gym an extra time.

I'd call this a proactive patient.Most patients fall into a range inbetween these two. It was just weird that the two opposite spectrums came in the same evening within an hour of each other.

Even if you are a proactive person, can you really "fix" yourself?

If you have a house and are going to "fix" your house with a little DIY repair, are you the best person for that job? Are you a master carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a master dry waller, tile layer, landscaper, etc?

You may be able to do them, but are you great at all of them?

Did you know, your body is the perfect builder for you?So when you get hurt your body is able to do the job on its own but how it performs depends on a few things.

After a storm, lets say your roof has some missing shingles and a hole in the roof. When a big disaster hits there is often a line of people waiting for supplies and carpenters.

Do you want your roof fixed well or poorly?

You could take a picture of a shingle and print it on your printer and make it look exactly like a shingle. Would you want that on your house?


You want the real deal. The 50 year warranty. Maybe the steel stuff.If you are hurt, your body needs excellent building materials. If a patient is struggling to get better one of the first places to look is what kind of building materials they have on the inside.

If your body is filled with processed food, fast food, artificial vitamins, these can't create good strong tissue. They are FAKE. This kind of diet can't help a person "fix" themselves very well.

If a person cooks with whole foods and avoids packaged foods, then you'll be getting some better raw materials.

The next step for a modern American is to add whole food supplements to increase the overall vitamin and mineral content. I've actually sent a patient home for a week with a specific supplement because she was so inflammatory I couldn't even adjust her with the lightest instrument I have.

When she returned a week later it was incredible how much easier she could be adjusted.

Remember, your body will fix itself, but how well it does, depends on your inside building materials.

  1. Get adjusted so the damaged parts actually function to heal.
  2. Eat the best food you can.
  3. Take whole food supplements to heal even faster.

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