I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot.. when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.

-Michael Jordan

How you think is a key part of doing anything, and it is especially true in healing. Many of you reading this are waiting for the magix elixers for healing, and I’ll get to some later, but there is one thing that supercedes everything else.

Your mind.The next most important thing is keeping your nervous system working at 100%. It doesn’t matter what nutrition or supplements you take, if your nervous system is choked off, the nutrition doesn’t work so well.

After my first 5 years consulting I stopped taking nutrition clients if they weren’t getting adjusted, because the results were that much worse.

What I find so funny is I hear the same story from many patients.

  • Someone makes a comment on how great the patient looks.
  • The patient tells them they went to see me or my wife
  • The person in pain says “I don’t believe in chiropractic”
Two people can take the exact same circumstance and see it two different ways. One may only see pain and misery, and the other sees happiness and success.

One will complain and whine that it’s too much work and a waste of time. The other will love it and embrace it as a breakthrough in their life, that will forever change them.

Is the earth round or flat?I know it sounds like a ridiculous question but people used to believe that the world was flat. Did it matter what they believed?

Of course not, the world has always been round. There will be a point where everyone’s belief ceases to become valid. Sometimes it takes a big event to change peoples minds.

The first year I was in practice I saw an 87 y.o. lady named Gladys. She did NOT want to see a chiropractor. She had a horrible itch over her right shoulder and chest.

She went to every other type of doctor you can think of. No help. After one week of treatment, she only had a spot about the size of a quarter that still itched. She was more than happy and now started telling me about all her other problems.

Fortunately for you, you know the difference. It may not work as FAST as you want, I hear that often enough. Speed of relief is determined by your age, your health, how badly you’re injured and how long it has been there. An adjustment also doesn’t last forever, like an oil change doesn’t last.

I would encourage you to try everything you can to help those with “open” minds to find their way in. You could change their life forever, and they will always be thankful to you for that.

For Those Living A Chiropractic, Drug-free life.Sometimes things happen to you and you might not know why, but how you react makes a big difference. Over the weekend I had an emergency with a patient who comes in every week. She had a sudden sharp increase in pain that wasn’t there before, don’t know why but, 5 adjustments in 3 days and she was significantly better.

She wanted to be better very badly and was willing to put her time in and get adjusted.

Working on your health, a positive attitude that you can get better, and not quitting at a little adversity, pays off.

Healing takes time and a good mental attitude. I can tell you from seeing 1000’s of patients, that the ones who want to be in the office and believe they can get better, always do.

See you in the office

-Dr. Altman

P.S. Researchers have actually studied the mental health of chiropractic patients at the University of Miami School of Medicine and they found that the chiropractic adjustment improved a patients mental health.

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