Here is my question of the week. How many fruits and veggies did you eat today? Don’t stop reading just yet. This isn’t going where you think it is.

Odds are, you may have had one serving or two.

In the fast paced American life, the processed and packaged, often comes first, and restaurants come second. So I’m going with the assumption that the average family is reading this.

We are coming into the fall and oh so soon winter will be here. There are 4 things that can all but assuredly keep you from being ill this winter. As I ride the train every day, I know it is coming. I already hear people coughing and sniffling.

I have no intention of being ill.

This series is for those of you who want to rise above the health of the average American.

This is the first step to health enlightenment.If someone gets ill the first vitamin people reach for is vitamin C. It is well known for it’s rolls in immunity. No surprises here.

The problem is what people know and dietitians are taught about vitamin C. This is where it gets interesting. Vitamin C is also known as ASCORBIC ACID to the scientific community. Did you know that’s wrong according to your body.

Szent-Gyorgi discovered ascorbic acid and the world took off with it before his work was done. Kind of like letting a wolverine out of a cage. Good luck getting it back in.

In 1939, Szent-Gyorgi wrote a book called Oxidation. I’m going to summarize part of it for space issues today. A colleague of his was suffering from a vascular disease and wanted to try the “new” ascorbic acid for his condition.

Szent-Gyorgi sent him a preparation of paprika that contained much ascorbic acid and the man was cured.

Later, a friend, St. Rusznyak had a similar problem and Szent-Gyorgi sent him pure ascorbic acid and had no response.

“It was evident that the action of the paprika was due to some other substance present in this plant.”

4 Problems with modern understanding of vitamin C.1. It is much more than just ascorbic acid.

2. It is water soluble, so you need a regular supply of it.

3. Oxidation destroys it with storage and transportation.

4. Soil depletion of minerals such as manganese limit the plants production of vitamin C.

Now you’re probably thinking, “we started talking about illnesses”. You’re right, but the relationship with healing is critical.

Vitamin C plays many very critical roles in your body. Sadly, the FDA doesn’t allow me to publicly tell you the amazing things vitamin C has been able to cure. It would interfere with too many drug sales.

The most common thing known is scurvy. Szent-Gyorgi’s book “Oxidation” covers this topic by him saying that ascorbic acid does not cure scurvy. So what does it?

Ascorbic acid is like a peel on a banana. It is a protective wrapper, which is why it was the first part of the natural C complex that was discovered.

There are lots of goodies on the inside that your body uses to heal. Things like Rutins, Bioflavinoids, J-factors, K-factors, and copper.

So when you eat a food with vitamin C it is a very different thing to your body than ascorbic acid off the big box store shelf.

Natural vitamin C is also known as a protector of endothelial and connective tissue. Basically, if you get cut or broken and need to repair tissue, vitamin C is a vital link to how well that gets done. So as a chiropractor, patients who have high levels of C heal better and faster than those who don’t.

Dr. Bartlett of Harvard shows that wound healing with plenty of vitamin C present is several times faster than deficient tissue and tensile strength of the new skin is much greater.

In a war, there are casualties. If there are good medics, and enough of them, more guys will live, right.

When a foreign bacteria enters your body to produces toxins and enzymes that destroy proteins, amino acids, and create general carnage to your cells.

Your white blood cells come in to save the day.Your white blood cells carry more vitamin C than any other cell in your body. Why do you think that would be?

As the white blood cells go into combat with these foreign invaders it is going to take some damage. Vitamin C acts like an armor and helps heal and protect the protein structure of the white blood cell itself.

So why does off the shelf ascorbic acid seems to help with colds? Good question. It acts in an entirely different way. It is an acid, it will acidify your body and make the general environment for the bacteria more hostile. Just like a fever. As the body temp goes up bacteria have a harder time.

This is a far cry from normal immune function. Like I said earlier, illness occurs from 4 primary causes. If you maintain a regular level of natural vitamin C complexes do you think it will be easier or harder to get ill this winter.

This is just like if you do preventative maintenance on your car or you could wait until it breaks.

Dietary consumption of vitamin C is good and necessary, but because of storage, transportation, and soil depletion veggies and fruits often are lacking in vitamin C.

Today’s modern lifestyle pretty much necessitates supplementation of natural vitamin C complexes. Standard Process is the oldest whole food company and has been making living supplements since 1929. They know more about it than any one else, period.

I have been to their farm and manufacturing plant twice and when a veggie is pulled from the ground it travels about 1 mile to be processed. In a special vacuum assisted machine they pull the fiber and water out and use no heat, so the enzymes stay intact.

They produce a living supplement which is very unlike the processed, fractionated and dead ascorbic acid on store shelves.

I take their vitamin C supplement every day. It is called Cataplex C. Now, remember I can’t tell you more of the amazing things C does in your body, but if you understand the improvement to the immune system and healing capability then you can likely figure out a lot more uses.

For those of you looking for better health this winter, this sale will help. Plus, if you aren't ill, you'll do a better job at work.

Cataplex C is 20% off this month.

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