Friday I had a perfect example of how amazing a chiropractic adjustment is.

Patients are really great teachers and wonderful reminders of the natural order of health. As a chiropractor, I get to see really sick and disabled people every day.

Friday was a pretty awesome day for one young gentleman. He came in because of a lot of organ dysfunction and in general being very unhealthy, so much so, that he is in the E.R. about every 3 weeks.

Since, the time I did the exam on him and Friday til the time I adjusted him, he had seen a homeopath for a boat load of supplements and other remedies. He did a very mature thing and declined the supplements until he talked to me and saw his x-rays.

Now, most of you who are long time readers may be thinking, “I thought supplements were good for you?”.

They are!

I take 7 different ones a day.What I want you to learn is the order of events. We haven’t talked about this concept for a long time and Friday gave me a good reminder.

I started using Supplements in practice about 12 years ago because patients were struggling to heal. As I learned more, and realized they wield tremendous power to help people, I started counseling people from all over.

It took me about 5 years to see a stark difference in patients.

All of the patients I was adjusting and giving supplements to were doing much better than the ones who were just getting supplements. And so my number one rule for supplements began.

“Supplements come second”I still don’t help counsel people unless they are getting adjusted. So, when people call me from other areas of the country for help, I’m glad to help, but my first question is, “When was the last time you got adjusted?”

Every action in your body is controlled by your nervous system, every one. Your nervous system is influenced by the function of your spine. The University of Colorado found that a misalignment can cause up to a 60% loss of function of the nerve.

How much pressure does it take? About the weight of a nickel.

By their very name “supplements”, they are supplemental. Meaning they are an additional therapy to help the patient regain their health or maintain their health.

The harsh reality is that supplements are necessary by nearly every one. Researchers started seeing nutritional deficiencies back in the 1920’s. Do you think people in general eat more processed food now or back then? Do you think farming has stripped more nutrients from the soil by now or back in the 20’s.

Those are things I think about when I am feeling awesome. I get adjusted and take supplements even when I feel amazing because I still want to feel amazing 20 years from now.

So this is just a reminder for many of you in Minnesota and possibly new info for those of you who I haven’t adjusted.

For the best results… make sure you are getting adjusted by a chiropractor no matter where you live.Lessons of the post:

#1 Get adjusted. Even if you are only getting adjusted 1x a month that’s enough for many of you to keep your body running very well.

#2 Use whole food supplements. That means the supplements are still living foods not ripped apart dead, deficient, items from a national brand. If you see your supplements on TV. They are not worth buying. If you have questions just email me or read older posts.

#3 The best place to startStandard Process makes the best and original whole food supplements. If every one took just their Multi (Catalyn), Their B (Cataplex B), and (Cruciferous Complete) the green supplement, we would see a dramatic improvement in the health of the nation.

Like I said earlier, I take 7 things, but those extras are specific to me. Each person, may need something different, but those 3 above are foundational supplements every one can take.

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    September 2012