This secret has been around for centuries. Many other countries in the world have enjoyed these benefits without the USA ever taking notice until now. Many of you have been to some of the classes and probably already know where I’m headed with this.How would you like to:

  • Lose weight, and increase your metabolism.

  • Decrease your heart disease risk

    • Yes, you heard that right! (read on)

  • Improve your cholesterol

  • Improve digestive problems

  • Decrease illness from bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

  • Improve thyroid function, (it sure would be nice if the millions of people on Synthroid would have known this. Somehow someone forgot to tell them.)

My thought for the moment. I find it so ironic that people are tricked into believing that soy is the savior oil for all problems, yet it slows down the thyroid. And this healthy oil is shunned and made virtually unused, yet it can improve thyroid function in many people. Myself included.

So what am I talking about? Coconut Oil

I first learned about the outstanding qualities of coconut oil from Mary Enig’s book, “Know Your Fats”. She is one of the world authorities on fats and cholesterol. I think one of the reasons she is so well respected is because she is NOT bought and paid for by FOOD INDUSTRY MONEY.

The myth that coconut oil is bad for you was fueled primarily by the corn oil industry. Corporate profit can all too often overshadow science.

Coconut oil has a smaller structure than other saturated fats, so it goes right to your liver to be converted to energy. This gives it less stress on your pancreas, liver, and your whole digestive system. It is like throwing gas on a fire for fuel instead of large wet logs.

It is also one of the best sources for lauric acid.

Mary Enig Ph.D says “Lauric acid turns into monolaurin in the gut, and this is what keeps infants fed human milk from getting sick even when they are exposed to lipid coated viruses and various pathogenic organisms.” This is a proven bacteria, virus, and fungus fighter. So, in this day and age of new viruses, the better your immune system, the healthier you will be. “The AIDS virus is killed by monolaurin,” says Dr. Enig.

MOST Common Myth about coconut oil

-Coconut oil will increase heart disease

If coconut oil caused heart disease then there would be no Polynesian or Asian people left, they would have all died off from heart attacks. Yet, there are more people living in Asia than anywhere else, oh… they also live longer than Americans do. Commonsense would indicate that coconut oil doesn’t cause heart disease.

If coconut oil was bad for you, do you think they would put it in baby formulas? Babies use lauric acid from mother’s milk to improve their immune systems. This is one reason breast fed babies are healthier than bottle fed babies. So to try and duplicate this, formula makers add coconut oil to their formulas.

Some ways we use coconut oil

  1. In place of other oils. For instance, if you made muffins you could use coconut oil 1 for 1 for another oil or use half coconut oil and half butter

  2. It’s the most stable cooking/ frying oil. For instance, vegetable oil turns into a toxic cocktail of “funny fats” and trans-fats when it is heated up. It is much better to use coconut oil.

    One easy way to use coconut oil is to pop popcorn in it on the stove. It is 1000 times better for you than microwave popcorns.

  3. We add it to juices or smoothies. (my kids love it, too!). 

There are a lot of antioxidants in coconut oil. It helps to prevent sagging and wrinkled skin. The oil is absorbed into the skin and connective tissues to keep them strong and supple. Before we found the coconut lotion from Tropical Traditions, I used coconut oil on my skin.

-Dr. Altman

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