Last month I did a breast cancer prevention class that taught me 2 unusual things. For one, when you are focused on something, more of that comes your way. I’ll explain later.

Number Two, Large scale national organizations stepped in line to poo poo prevention. Basically, a pink ribbon flying organization told me that classes on breast cancer prevention were not part of their objectives. Arrghh. More on that later too.

Back to insight number 1.The Sunday after my class, I’m sitting in church and we have a guest speaker. I’m thinking, oh no. But, God had a different plan. It was a fabulous sermon with a personal story from the pastor about his mom who developed breast cancer and refused chemo and radiation and lived and is actually doing very well.

O.K. now I’m interested.Most people aren’t willing to talk about the alternative things they are doing or they did. Why?

As soon as people talk, the criticism comes flying. It is a rare person that can stand up to the fear mongering and say, “this is my body and I think I need to do this______.”

The harsh reality that no one really wants to talk about is that traditional cancer treatments have a very poor success rate. Using the word “success” is also a misnomer.

So I called this pastors mom and interviewed her. Now, I am going out on a limb here and giving you some details, but I feel like I have to give you the legal FDA warning. I don’t recommend any of the things on the list as a treatment.

  • Every cancer is different.
  • Consult with an alternative doctor.
These are the things “she” did. I personally would do all, or nearly all of them, if I have cancer. I am going to give you a summary of our interview. Ready? She also gave these things to me in a rough order of the importance she gave them to her success.

  1. She cleaned up her diet. Lots of organic foods and more veggies and she completely cut out sugar.
  2. This one is also very key. She saw a naturopath and had her blood tested for food intolerances. The number one thing that she cut out was dairy. The liver is the key. If it is struggling with foods it can’t process well, it doesn’t work well to get the toxins out of your body. This is why I take “Cruciferous Complete” from Standard process and “LivCo” from Mediherb. They help the liver immensely.
  3. She felt that digestion was a primary thing to improving her health. To ease the burdens she cut out turkey, pork and red meat. One thing I would have maybe added was digestive enzymes or “Zypan” from Standard Process.
  4. Based on some help from another doctor in California, she switched to a diet that was 80% vegetables and 20% meat.
  5. She also tested her pH levels and was very acidic, so she went on a month long program of juice fasting and raw foods. It wasn’t the Purification Program from Standard Process, but something a little simpler.
  6. She drank a lot more water, good clean water, that is.
  7. She did another detoxifiction program for 5 days.
  8. She found some one to do “foot zoning” for her. She used that to monitor how her liver was doing. She felt the liver was key to her getting better.
  9. She used a few naturopaths to get guidance and have access to the hormone testing kits from Diagnostechs. I was pleased to hear that ecause I’ve used Diagnostechs for many years.
  10. She also found a clinic in Idaho that did mineral I.V.’s. She found them very helpful and I believe she did the myers cocktail.
  11. She also took Essiac Tea twice a day. If you need a source let me know. I think this should be a mandatory protocol for all cancer patients.
  12. She also took advantage of Reishi Mushrooms healing effects.
  13. And last but not least, she did caster oil packs over the affected areas.
Now, this is not everything she did. These are just the big things. You might be looking at the list and saying, “what on earth was she doing?”

I put this out to give you some new ideas and just expose you to the concept that there are a lot of ideas out there on cancer. I have a book of dozens of treatments that were successful, but sadly have all been wiped of the earth by the all knowing FDA.

The real problem for long term success with things like chemo is the fact that healing occurs from the inside out. Things that create illness can’t simultaneous create health.

Only healthy things can create a healthy body.

This is why I enjoy Standard Process supplements, organic food, and chiropractic adjustments so much. They allow the body to heal from the inside out without getting in the way.

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