1. I’m not talking about the Charlie Daniels Band playing with the “fiddle of gold, against your soul.”

    If we start with the basic idea that healing requires energy, than we need to start with how energy is made.

    Let’s say Mr. Faust comes into the office with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and skin rashes and maybe a little lupus for good measure. These problems have one thing in common. I’ll tell you later, hang-on.

    Now Mr. Faust was given the usual meds. The steroid inhalers made his asthma go away, his body pains disappeared with the Prednisone, along with the bloody diarrhea and his long-standing skin rash.

    Mr. Faust was not too keen about the notorious side- effects showing up. His face was swelling, his mood was unstable, he got stomach ulcers, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

    Now his original problems were coming back, too— “up the dose of Prednisone and the other steroids.”

    He is now addicted to the medication, why?

    Mr. Faust has weak adrenal glands.

    The Prednisone takes the place of the adrenal glands. Instead of stealing from Peter to pay Paul, Prednisone turns Peter into a loan shark. You need him now, and more and more in the future. I don’t need to tell you what happens when you stiff the loan shark.

    If some form of cortisone works –then the adrenals are weak. Tada problems solved, right!

    How Do The Adrenal Glands Poop Out?

    Are you tired? Stressed? Work a lot? Sleep little? Do you go,go,go and go some more?

    You are frying your adrenals, I know, I’ve done it.

    You might remember those early frying pan commercials where they drop some eggs in and the announcer comes on and says “this is your brain on drugs”. Those are your adrenal glands now. Then drugs like Prednisone take your adrenals and put them in the microwave to make sure all the life is cooked out of them.

    I can’t help you with the medications but I can start you on the road to healing your adrenals. The bottom line is that if Prednisone makes your symptoms go away or get better, you can bet that you have an adrenal problem. Now if the medics deny this fact of physiology, that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    So What Do Your TiredSore, and Stepped On Adrenal Glands Need To Start MakingHormones Again?

    1. Fat-Yes the sick, twisted, and wrong thinking low-fat diets are killing your ability to make hormones.

    2. ALL, yes ALL, yes, one more time ALL adrenal hormones come from CHOLESTEROL. All those wonderful adrenal hormones that help us deal with stress, inflammation, and even injuries come from cholesterol. You need cholesterol

    3. The adrenals can’t use the cholesterol without Vitamin A. So take your cod liver oil.

    4. Since the adrenals are also involved in sugar regulation, don’t eat simple sugars. Try keeping your carbohydrate load below 75 grams a day.

    5. And lastly I have to step on one more medical myth. Your adrenals NEED natural salt. Not Morton’s, but Celtic Sea Salt. I’ve seen this impressive fact directly. When we do the purification program and someone has weak adrenals, it shows up about in the second week, because there is no salt in the program. They have near immediate improvement in fatigue when they take Celtic Sea Salt. And no, it doesn’t raise blood pressure.

      Your adrenal glands make your energy. If they are abused and tired, how much energy do you have? 

      Since the adrenal glands also control your sleep / wake cycles, and if they are shot, you won’t sleep well. The #1 time you HEAL is when you sleep. 

      So if you can’t sleep, or can’t get out of bed in the morning, are tired, and even get a little light headed then we should talk. Just call the office 801-896-3259 or send me a quick email. If this stuff rings true for you take this quick test.

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